Built-in Interventions in Games

How can people strike a nuanced balance between the use and non-use of technology and develop intentional relationships with technologies? A large body of work has developed interventions to support technology non-use, while these interventions are generally stand-alone, bearing a number of drawbacks. In this research, we propose the design of built-in interventions. We examine its application in the context of games, with the question of how it influences people's game experiences and their decisions to play and not to play. [DIS2022 - Paper]

Toxicity and Prosocial Behaviors in MMO Games

Understanding factors that predict the toxicity and prosocial behavior in massively multiplayer online (MMO) games has drawn a great deal of scholarly attention. Prior work on this topic has primarily focused on individual and technological factors while overlooking the role of interpersonal dynamics. To fill this gap, this study examines if and how players’ perceptions of mutual dependence and power in MMO games are related to toxicity and prosocial behavior in games, and how this relationship is mediated by players’ passion for games. [JCMC - Paper]